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InTune Yoga

This mixed level Hatha Yoga class combines Pranayama, Chakra balancing and heart opening yoga sequences in a way that helps the practitioner “Tune In”. You will come away feeling more vibrant, alive and ready to take on the day! Designed for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Your body is an instrument. Like an out of tune piano can become unstable, lose harmony, and feel tense. This shows up in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (ie: burnout, overwhelm, impatience). When tuned, the soul feels connected to the action of the body and mind…you feel balanced, toned, strong, and flexible. We call it “tuning in”. This class is a combination of yoga asana (postures), breathing techniques, and energy play that will help you be “InTune”. Sweating optional. Class is 75 min.
All levels welcome!


Linda Black

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