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Kayla Dimond

Kayla Dimond has been devoted to the practice of Yoga, sound & vibrational healing for 9 years, & has received three intensive yoga teacher training certifications with 600 hrs of YTT & over 1,000 hours of teaching experience. With this devotion, she brings forth a new way to approach physical movement that invokes a greater sense of nourishment & love for the Body, Mind, & Soul.

In Kayla’s classes, you will not be challenged to keep up or push yourself physically, rather to slow down, honor your body & be more present than ever before to experience your Self & your senses through a new lens of compassion & grace.

Kayla understands that everything is made of vibration & energy & therefore she is intentional by holding very sacred heart-centered space in all of her classes with her presence & mindfully selected music. She holds space for all levels of practitioners, from no experience at all, to intermediate, guiding everyone in class through a self awareness journey to deepen appreciation for their body & the miracle of their existence.


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